Jens was born and raised in Hannover / Germany.

He studied architecture in Germany, Ecuador and Argentina and supplemented these experiences with various professional practices and numerous field trips to different countries like Ecuador, Brazil, Chile and Argentina. In 2007 he undertook a work experience at Sauerbruch & Hutton Architects in Berlin. Between 2008 and 2010 he was co-founder of the german studio Peter W. Schmidt Architekten in Buenos Aires in charge of the team of architects. In 2010 he joined the Department of Urban Planning, History and Theory of Architecture at the University of Palermo led by Dr. Arq Fernando Diez. He was a special contributor to the magazine PLOT in Buenos Aires and Berlin based platform URBANOPHIL. Since 2019 he works with the Walter Gropius Chair in FADU/UBA in Buenos Aires. In 2022 he joined the Chair for Urban Planning led by Prof. Stefan Rettich at Kassel University in Germany.

In 2010 he opened his own workspace dedicated to investigation, theory and praxis of architecture and urban planning.